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Trump Donurts Trump Donurts

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Feels a bit cheap.

Now for a game like this I wasn't expecting much mind you, I should say the game itself functions fine, it runs fast enough, the challenge progresses nicely, and there are even some nice touches like the darts falling off after you've thrown enough of them.

Where it feels cheap is on the sound design. Now for a game about throwing darts at TRUMP you'd expect some sort of trump sound clip if you hit him, or for when you beat the level, but no it's some stock little boy sound clip which could be from anywhere.

Also the visuals are very strange, other than it being Donald Trumps head (I think? the models not exactly top class) the rest of the content feels like its from somewhere else, the suit he is wearing is nothing like anything trump wears, the background is a pixel forest and behind trump is the globe facing Africa rather than America? Why?

feels to me as if someone just stuck a Donald Trumps head on a game that was already out there and published it for some cheap clicks, and something about that rubs me up the wrong way. Especially as this was so easy to get right, with just a few tiny tweaks, maybe a days worth of work.

Maybe I am over thinking a game called "trump donuts" but it just feels like it's the bear minimum effort for a cheap joke that doesn't even work due to how many corners were cut.